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Paul Walker Death Sunglasses Up for Auction

If you love Paul Walker and no longer have a soul, then boy do we have the auction for you.The sunglasses Walker was wearing on the day he died -- as well as a fire extinguisher that was allegedly used to try and save Walker's life -- are now up for auction on seller claims he was at the crash scene last November looking to help ... but cops kept him away.  He nosed around once the wreckage was cleared ... and that's when he says he found the sunglasses in the bushes, though he says he didn't realize their significance until photos surfaced of Walker earlier in the day ... wearing the same glasses.It is unclear how the seller acquired the fire extinguisher or a piece of debris from the crash, but they are both included in the auction as well. As of this morning, there have been three bids and the price has reached $605.00 and eternal damnation.

Porsha Williams -- Divorce Didn't Ruin Me ... I'm Dating a Rich African Dictator's Son

Porsha Williams isn't wanting for cash after her ex-husband screwed her over in their divorce -- sources tell TMZ, she's now knocking boots with the exorbitantly wealthy son of an African dictator ... notorious for human rights violations.According to sources, Porsha has been seeing 42-year-old Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue, son of Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, President of Equatorial Guinea ... since 1979.Mbasogo (the father) is known as one of Africa's most brutal and corrupt rulers -- not only for having his predecessor executed and political opponents tortured, but for pillaging his own country's oil wealth ... while its people live in abject poverty.And his son is reaping the benefits -- living like a king in Malibu and all around the world.We're told Mangue (the son) has been showering Porsha with expensive gifts for the last month -- Louboutin shoes, Chanel ... even a Rolls Royce -- and Porsha has been posting photos of the gifts on Instagram.Sources say the romance is pretty new ... but it's escalating fast -- we're told Mangue is currently looking to buy Porsha a multimillion-dollar house in ATL.We reached out to Porsha's conscience for comment -- so far, no word back.

Has Nicki Minaj let DJ Khaled? as She Celebrates 10 Years With Boyfriend Safaree

Nicki Minaj and her boyfriend Safaree Samuels are celebrating
their 10 year anniversary of being together. The two have been dating since they were teenagers. But last
weekend Nicki Minaj was clearly in a good mood since she posted a
photo of her anniversary gift on Instagram along with more photos of
herself and Safaree, aka Scaff Beezy, hanging out with some friends. “Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures
all things. #Year10,” Nicki Minaj captioned the below image.

Photo: Mel B flaunts uber hawttttt bikini bod

She'll be 39 on the 29th of May and has 3 lovely kids! She's a former Spice girl and now a judge on America's Got Talent (AGT)!! She's Mel B.

Friends Have Deserted Me! Even Bola Tinubu Is Not Comfortable Seeing Me Around Again---- Baba Sue..

This is not a good time at all for Yoruba comic actor, Baba Suwe. Baba Suwe in a new interview with Encomium Magazine has confessed that he is broke and a lot of his friends and helpers have deserted him. He said his cocaine scandal ruined him and it is almost ruining his career as well. People no longer call me to act in their movies, he revealed. Read what he told the magazine after the cut.
 “I have not collected any compensation money from NDLEA yet. The most painful thing is that I was wrongly accused. Had it been, I actually committed the crime, I won’t mind, but they just punished me for nothing. I was in NDLEA custody for almost three weeks, and nothing was found on me. No matter the kind of juju one may have, I don’t think there is anybody that can conceal cocaine for even two days.
Even researches had shown that no one can harbour the substance in the body for two days. It will burst inside the person’s stomach, which can lead to death. And I believe after all their investigations, they should have released me so I could continue with my career. But the whole situation, the way they treated me actually rubbished my image. My career has been dwindling.
A lot of people that are supposed to be inviting me to take part in their movies abandoned me because of the incident. Even a lot of people that could have assisted me financially don’t want to associate with me again. People within and outside the industry has deserted me on account of the allegation. They still doubt me despite my victory in court.
I have sung praises of some people in some of my movies, and I always appreciate whatever they give me. This makes a lot of people close to me. For instance, I was close to Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu before and he was very nice to me.
He had done a lot for me but now, it’s very difficult for me to be close to him. He is even not comfortable seeing me around him again because of the allegation. I don’t enjoy people’s love and admiration like before because people still believe that it was true“.

Hilarious! A Prophet Predicts Death Of Nadia Buari, Yvonne Nelson, Other Ghanaian Stars

A certain prophet in Ghana has said on a radio show in Ghana that some of the country’s well-loved celebrities will all face death soon. Prophet Samuel Baffour of El Shaddai Prayer Centre claims God revealed the names to him and even went ahead listing their names out on air. The names he mentioned are; Jim Iyke’s girlfriend, Nadia Buari, Yvonne Nelson,  Samini, Obour, Kabobo and Lil' Win.
He predicted it this way...
Nadia Buari
Her death will be a replication of Suzzy William’s death. Suzzy, a budding actress died in a motor accident along the Labadi-Tema road.
Yvonne Nelson

He said a lot of Ghanaians hate her and are planning her untimely death. Someone is working against the actress in a move that will stall her progress. She will sink so low nobody will recognize her and it will eventually lead to her death.
Lil' Win
Kumawood actor will die in bizarre circumstances. Lil’ Win will die either by knocking down somebody with his car which will result in his lynching or he will drive his car into a tree or an electric pole.
The Musicians Union of Ghana President’s name was also revealed to the Prophet as one of those who will die.  A fellow musician will die and during the funeral, some persons will poison Obour. His tummy will bloat (more than it is now) as a result of the poison which will lead to his death.
The ‘African Dancehall King’ was the first on the death list. According to the prophet, some persons in the music industry are planning the death of Samini. He claimed that some persons are envious of the talent and success of the artiste and are plotting to harm him which will lead to his death.

Breaking News! Chinese satellite find suspected crash site of missing Malaysian flight

A Chinese satellite searching for missing Malaysian Airlines flight has found what is being described as three 'large, floating objects' in the South China Sea, UK Daily Mail reports
The potentially crucial development comes on the fifth day of the search for the Boeing 777 seems to corroborate the testimony of a New Zealand oil worker who claims to have witnessed the crash of the missing airplane early on Saturday morning. Coni
It is also in the original search area under the flight’s original search path and appears to discount the theory that the aircraft turned back towards Malaysia and crashed hundreds of miles away on the other side of the Malaysian peninsula.
'IIt's where it's supposed to be,' Peter Goelz, a former National Transportation Safety Board managing director, told CNN remarking on the 'great skepticism' about reports the aircraft carrying 239 passengers had turned around to go back over Malaysia. 

'I think they've got to get vessels and aircraft there as quickly as humanly possible.'
The new suspect crash site is about 140 miles from the flight’s last radar contact as broadcast by its transponder.

The three objects are large, measuring 43ft by 59ft, 46ft by 62ft and 79ft by 72ft.
'Chinese satellites have found smoke and floating objects ... At present we cannot confirm this is related to the missing aircraft,' said Li Jiaxiang, China's civil aviation chief on Thursday.
The site is also near where South China Sea oil rig worker Michael Jerome McKay today described seeing what he believes to be the plane burning - in one piece for 10-15 seconds - flying at a high altitude slightly off from the standard route of planes that cross the sea shortly after the plane vanished.

'There was no lateral movement, so it was either coming toward our location, stationary, or going away from our location,' he wrote in a letter to his employers about the sighting on Saturday and seen by ABC News.

Deputy general director of Vietnam's air traffic management, Doan Huu Gia, confirmed he had been sent an email from McKay, the BBC reported.
'We received an email from a New Zealander who works on one of the oil rigs off Vung Tau.
'He said he spotted a burning [object] at that location, some 300 km southeast of Vung Tau.'
Vietnam has already searched the area where Chinese satellites showed objects that could be debris from a missing Malaysia Airlines jet but a plane has been sent to check the area again, Vietnamese military officials said.

'We are aware and we sent planes to cover that area over the past three days,' Deputy Transport Minister Pham Quy Tieu told Reuters. 'Today a (military) plane will search the area again,' he said.
And on Thursday morning Vietnamese authorities said two military jets searching for clues top the missing Malaysia Airlines jet found no wreckage at the location a Reuters journalist on board said.

Aircraft repeatedly circled the area over the South China Sea but were unable to detect any objects, said the journalist, who flew aboard a Antonov 26 cargo plane for three hours.

China's State Administration for Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense announced the discovery of the images in the area where rescuers first started looking on Saturday - along with other images of what appear to show an oil slick tracing the surrounding area.

The images were captured on March 9 - the day after the plane went missing, but were somehow not released until Wednesday. There were 153 Chinese nationals on board the flight.

China's State Administration for Science, Technology and Industry for National Defence gave no reason for the delay in releasing the images - or why it has not passed the pictures to Malaysian authorities.

Culled from UK Daily Mail

CBN Imposes N10m Fine For Use Of Unlicensed E-payment Solutions

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has said that banks that use unlicensed third party electronic payment solution will pay a fine of N10 million.

This was part of the regime of sanctions contained in the guidelines on electronic payment of salaries, pensions, suppliers and taxes in Nigeria.

The guidelines   spell out the roles and responsibilities, of all stakeholders in the end-to-end electronic payment of salaries, pensions, suppliers and taxes.

It also spells out sanctions and fines for sundry contraventions of the guidelines.  For example,  when  a bank uses an unlicensed 3rd party e-payment solution for end-to-end e-payment of salaries etc., the CBN would suspend its e-payment operations with the bank, issue a warning letter to the managing Director and impose a fine of  N10 million  for every repeated occurrence

Also, Non-availability of help desk/contact centre to receive enquiries, complaints and provide feedback on e-payment issues, will lead to suspension of the bank’s end-to-end e-payment operations until conditions are satisfied.

Non-Provision of monthly report on reported complaints & resolution status to the Bank attracts N25,000 penalty for each day for which report is not provided to the Bank, while submission of false or inaccurate reports  will attract  penalty of N250, 000 and a warning letter to the Managing Director.

The guidelines explained that, “to-End Electronic Payment is the seamless electronic processing and payment of all forms of salaries, pensions, suppliers and taxes with the electronic delivery of associated schedules alongside the payment transactions where applicable on a Bank approved electronic platform which transmits the instruction to debit a payer’s account and credit a beneficiary’s bank account, mobile account, electronic wallet or any other electronic channels; and shall include the ability of a payer to independently monitor and obtain electronic feedback on the status of any payment, at any time without depending on any third party, manual or semi-manual means.

“This means payment instructions and associated schedules are no longer to be transmitted to deposit money banks (DMBs)  by all public and private sector organisations through unsecured channels, such as paper- based mandates, flash drives, compact discs (CD), email attachments , etc.

While nationwide commencement date of  end-to-end e-payment of salaries, pensions, suppliers and taxes is January 9, 2014, compliance monitoring and  enforcement  will be in stages. This is to give enough time to all stakeholders to make necessary adjustments as may be required. Compliance monitoring and enforcement by CBN shall be according to the schedule below.

According to the apex bank all salaries, pensions, suppliers and taxes should be through end-to-end electronic payment.

The guidelines stated that banks are expected to:  promote the adoption of end-to-end electronic payments by all stakeholders covered by the guidelines;  provide paying organisations and beneficiaries with e-payment enabled bank accounts or any other approved electronic channel that promotes financial inclusion; process electronic payment instructions in accordance with subsisting payments system and clearing house rules;  publish customer service contact details and maintain customer service desks in all branches, to promptly attend to all electronic payment enquiries and challenges within stipulated timelines; and   maintain and make available to the Bank, on a periodic basis, report of all electronic payment transactions processed and report of customer complaints, indicating resolution status.

Military shut down telecommunication service in Borno State,,,No Service

The Nigerian military yesterday shut down all telecommunication services in Borno state as it takes on Boko Haram activities. Residents in the state woke up yesterday to a "No Service" signal on their phones.
Confirming the shutdown, spokesman of the 7-Division of the Nigeria Army, Muhammed Dole said its a military move necessary under the present circumstance.
"We all know the inconveniences that this might have brought, but it is a necessary and temporary measure that will not take long time” Dobe said.
He said its a sacrifice everyone including the residents have to make in the fight against Boko Haram

Jonathan Martin TRADED TO 49ers 'Really Excited' to Reunite with Harbaugh [Update]

Jonathan Martin's nightmare in Miami is finally over ... the alleged bullying victim has been just been traded to the 49ers, his agent has confirmed to TMZ Sports ... and J-Mart couldn't be happier. We spoke with Martin's agent Kenny Zuckerman ... who tells us, "Jonathan's really excited. He's up at Stanford now. That's where he went to school. The 49ers are in his backyard."Martin will be reunited with his old college coach Jim Harbaugh -- who's the head coach of the 49ers. As for Martin's alleged tormentor Richie Incognito, still no word on his future in the NFL.7:43 PM PT -- TMZ Sports also spoke with 49ers offensive lineman Adam Snyder who tells us he thinks the team is a great fit for Martin."It's a great new opportunity for him. He's coming in to a great group of guys, specifically the offensive  line."When asked if Martin will be treated with kid gloves due to the situation in Miami, Snyder shot that down -- saying, "We're gonna treat him like any other free agent that comes into our locker room."As for his opinion on the trade -- Snyder says, "If he can help us win a Super Bowl, I'm all for it."8:00 PM PT -- Dolphins GM Dennis Hickey issued a statement saying, “We feel that this move is in the best interests of all parties involved. We wish Jonathan well.”8:02 PM PT -- Martin tweeted about the trade ... saying, "Opportunities are few in the NFL... Can't wait to get to work #9erEmpire." //

Jennifer Lopez RADIO REVENGE On Ben Affleck and Diddy

Jennifer Lopez let her two most famous exes have it on the radio recently -- HARD -- and it's hilarious.J.Lo stopped by Big Boy in the Morning in L.A. Friday -- and Big Boy asked her a fantastic question ... if she were floating on a raft in the ocean -- a raft that only fit 2 -- and came across Diddy and Ben Affleck, which one would she save?We won't give away what she said -- but suffice it to say, Big Boy completely lost it when she answered.

Naked Jake Gyllenhaal Bare Assed Pops a Tent

Good news for anyone left disappointed by Brokeback Mountain -- Jake Gyllenhaal has finally shown his ass in public.Wearing a caveman beard and some kind of taped-on merkin over his wang, Jake stripped down to the nude while filming a camping scene for his new movie "Everest" in Rome Sunday ... complete with a pan and a tent.It's one of the rarest asses in Hollywood so ... this is a pretty big deal.We'll never watch Bubble Boy the same way again.

Photos: Nigerians in Germany protest against the Nigerian Govt

Nigerians in Germany yesterday March 10, protested against the Nigerian government financial recklessness and insecurity in the country. The protest took place on Neue Jakobstrasse, the street that lodges the Nigerian embassy.

The protest which started by 10am had the German police on ground all through the protest which lasted for four hours. Continue...

Fliers which served as cahier de doleance were distributed to passers-by and the embassy callers. The fliers read:
168 Million Nigerians are under siege. At the mercy of a reckless, fascist government that has made corruption its deadly official policy. The Nigerian people demand sanctions and travel bans on political officers and global attention to the economic terrorism. There are 100 million destitute Nigerians while government officials loot billions of US Dollars every year. We call for global attention to the crises to the largest African nation and a very important nation in Africa and the world. What affects one man, affects all men”.
The group of Nigerians also bore placards with messages like: 
‘It is easier to find a needle in a dark room than to find 20 Billion Dollars in Nigeria’; ‘Boko Haram kills innocent citizens, Nigerian government celebrates centenary. Hundreds of Nigerians (Including school children) dead within a week’
At the end of the protest, two Embassy officials also gave the assurance that the message of the protest will be conveyed to the government.

The officials were also informed that plans are in top gear to mobilize for protest whenever the President and/or his wife are in Germany on their ritual medical trip.

Check out Madam Toke Makinwa as she Dazzles In Iro & Buba

You like? She seems to have lost some weight tho. Beautiful!

Justin Bieber -- I Take Xanax Illegally

Justin Bieber jumped the gun in his deposition Friday ... and in the process admitted he was taking Rx meds illegally.As you know, Justin is being sued by a photog who claims the singer instructed his bodyguard to beat him up.During the questioning, the photog's lawyer asked Bieber if he had a prescription for Xanax.  Before Justin's lawyer could object, the singer blurted out that he did not.Justin's lawyer was clearly upset and told Bieber to hold his horses before answering.It's a significant question ... because during Justin's DUI arrest cops say he admitted his mom had given him Xanax, and he tested positive for Xanax which is the basis for the DUI charge.It probably won't impact the case.  If Bieber was under the influence it doesn't matter whether he took it legally or not.But it wasn't the smartest thing for him to say.

One of the men who boarded Malaysian flight on stolen passport looked like Mario Balotelli - authorities reveal

Malaysian authorities have revealed that one of the two men who used stolen passports to board the missing Malaysian Airlines plane looked like Mario Balotelli. 

As it emerged an Iranian businessman known only as Mr Ali was understood to have booked the tickets for the two passengers using the stolen passports, the men who boarded the plane were said to have not been of 'Asian appearance'.

Malaysia's police chief was quoted by local media as saying that one of the men had been identified. 

Civil aviation chief Azharuddin Abdul Rahman declined to confirm this, but said authorities were looking at the possibility the men were connected to a stolen passport syndicate. Continue...

A vessel is seen from a flying Soviet-made plane during a search operation for the missing plane over the South China Sea
Asked by a reporter what they looked like 'roughly', he said: 'Do you know of a footballer by the name of (Mario) Balotelli? He is an Italian. Do you know how he looks like?'

A reporter then asked, 'Is he black?' and the aviation chief replied, 'Yes'.

Authorities had today still found no trace of the missing plane despite searches by ships from six navies and dozens of military aircraft.

A Thai travel agent who arranged the tickets for the two passengers has now said she had booked them on the flight via Beijing because they were the cheapest tickets, it has been reported.
The travel agent in the resort of Pattaya said an Iranian business contact she knew only as 'Mr Ali' had asked her to book tickets for the two men on March 1.

She had initially booked them on other airlines but those reservations expired and on March 6, Mr Ali had asked her to book them again. 

She told the Financial Times she did not think Mr Ali, who paid her in cash and booked tickets with her regularly, was linked to terrorism.

The massive search is mainly in a 50-nautical mile radius from where the last contact with the plane was made, midway between Malaysia's east coast and the southern tip of Vietnam.

A U.S. led search is also taking place hundreds of miles away on the other side of the Malaysian peninsula.
Culled from UK Daily Mail

Cristiano Ronaldo declared World's Richest Footballer with €148m

Today Monday March 10th, popular football website released their Rich List and declared Real Madrid and Portugal striker Cristiano Ronaldo as the richest active footballer in the world.

The World Footballer of the Year held off rival Lionel Messi in the 2014 Goal Rich List with an estimated wealth of €148million. Retired footballer David Beckham was the 2013 Goal Rich List winner but since he's retired from football, he's no longer eligible to be put in the list.

Messi comes second with an estimated net worth of €146million followed by Eto'o with €85million then Wayne Rooney with €84million, and Kaka rounds off the top 5 with €82million.

But Goal made it clear that the list is based on the revenue of active players over the course of their entire careers and not just the previous year. See the top 10 richest footballers after the cut...

Lil Boosie -- The Most Shocking Post-Prison Technology That Blew My Mind

After 5 years in prison, rapper Lil Boosie couldn't believe how dramatically the world changed in such a short period of time -- but one piece of technology stood out as the most mind-blowing.When Boosie got locked up on drug charges back in 2009 ... there was no Instagram, no FaceTime, Google wasn't making glasses -- and during an interview Monday, Boosie talked about what the technology overload felt like after his release.But one technological advancement was more unbelievable than the rest. Watch the video to find out.

The Expectation! Dede Mabiaku, Darey Art Alade & Nneka Egbuna Unveiled As Nigerian Idol Season 4 Judges

Africa’s no 1 music reality show, Nigerian Idol, is set for another mind-blowing season as it revealed three sensational top entertainers as judges for its fourth season.
Afro-beat legend; Dede Mabiaku, award winning signer/songwriter; Darey Art Alade and Nigerian-German singer-songwriter; Nneka Egbuna were unveiled as this year's judges to the delight of the audience at a star-studded media launch which held on Wednesday February 25, 2014 at Rhapsody Lounge in Victoria Island, Lagos. The multi talented Ill Rymz continues his reign as host for the third time on Nigeria Idol.

Rotimi Pedro, C.E.O Optima Media Group emphasised that the all-star panel comprising Dede Mabiaku, Darey Art Alade and Nneka Egbuna fully reflects the passion, synergy and true commitment to talent that has strongly resonated in Nigerian Idol in over three years of dominance of the Nigerian entertainment scene.
“The 4th season of Nigeria Idol will be an even more exciting television experience as we have three brand new judges this season. The last three seasons of the show garnered enormous viewership, especially with the youth demographic, more than any other music reality show - re-emphasizing the power of the Idol brand across the globe.” The C.E.O confirmed.
Nigeria's king of R&B, Darey Art Alade, will be offering his wealth of experience as one of Nigeria's most versatile performers and notes that, "It promises to be one of the most exciting highlights of my career. "You're literally watching stars unfold and discover their greatest potential. It's an extremely exhilarating and profound period for us all- judges and performers."
“I'm looking for the things that separate the true artiste from all others: diction, ability to own a song, exceptional and rare talent and I know I'm going to find it on the Nigerian Idol stage.”
Exciting highlights at the launch party included a sneak preview of season 1-3 of Nigerian Idol. This was followed by Yeka Onka, Nigerian Idol season 1 winner, who dazzled the audience with an acapella version of “Hello” by Lionel Richie, Mercy Chinwo season 2 winner performed her song “Testimony” while Nneka, judge for Nigerian Idol season four rendered an acoustic sample of her song “My Home” to rousing cheers from the audience.
Moses Obi-Adigwe stole the night with an outstanding performance of “Redemption Song” by Bob Marley and his song “Number One” as he seduced the crowd to the sound of his soulful voice.
Guests in attendance were Ayo Animashaun, Sam Umukoro,  Enitan Denloye, Moses Obi-Adigwe, Mercy Chinwo & Yeka Onka winner of the first and second edition of Nigerian Idol and many others.
The grand prize is N7.5 million, a Galaxy Tab, a Blackberry, an iPod and a brand new SUV car. The first runner up gets N1.5 million, a Galaxy Tab, Blackberry and iPod; and the 2nd runner up will receive N1million, a Galaxy Tab, a Blackberry and an iPod.
In addition, each of the finalists from 4th to 10th place will also receive N100, 000, a Galaxy Tab, a Blackberry and an iPod.
Nigerian Idol season 4 is sponsored by Etisalat Nigeria with support from Pepsi.
Nigerian Idol Season 4 airs on Saturday and Sundays on NTA, STV, ONTV, SOUNDCITY, SUPER SCREEN TV, OODUA TV, WAP TV, AMC, DRTV WARRI & HIP TV

Photos From Apaye; A Mother’s Love Movie Premiere

After much anticipation the Lagos premiere of the block buster movie ‘Apaye; A Mother’s Love’ held in Lagos on March 7th, to much fanfare. The event which was star-studded saw several celebrities from Nollywood grace the red carpet. Clarion Chukwurah, Kanayo O Kanayo, Belinda Effah, who were cast in the film as well as Frank Edoho, Bobby Michaels, Susan peters, Julius Agwu, Teco Benson, Daniel K Daniel, Uduak Oguamanam, Emem Isong Desmond Elliot, Majid Michel, Juliet Ibrahim all attended the premiere. See more photos after the cut.